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Don't be fooled BEON Light are the original LED specialists and carry the best quality LED downlights, LED Globes and accessories on the market. All backed by our 3 year warranty.


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6 Pack LED Downlights

3 Pack LED Globes

Twin Pack Par 38 Globes

For many years, The BEON CORPORATION has been actively trying to make homes, especially those of older people & people with a disability, a place where they can stay in a safer and more secure environment.


A sensor light like no other!

The BEON adaptor has been in existence for many years now helping to make areas around the home a safer place to be at night. Nursing homes adapted the BEON LIGHT many years ago as there number 1 prefered lighting system. Our sensor light has recently undergone an upgrade to improve it’s operation and usability. The sensor adapter can now be used in more places and lamps than ever before boasting an impressive L.E.D lighting unit that is sure to help reduce soaring electricity bills.


Major Benefits

The major benefits of all our lighting products.

All of our lighting products are based on two major principals, falls prevention in older persons and cost effective solutions for energy efficient lightning using the latest high quality L.E.D lighting technology.

Our products are extremely easy to use and install. We offer a "No Tools required" approach so that you can change over your entire house to low watt power saving solutions.

We have a lighting solution for every area in your home. Our technical team have reviewed and researched the best L.E.D lightning products on the market and have develop unique and amazing products to help reduce the rising costs. You will be amazed with how easy our lighting products are to install and benefit from immediate savings on your power usage. On average most L.E.D globes last up to 40,000 hours.


Best Selling

1.  Remote Control/2.4 radio frequency

$25.00 (Including GST)

2.  Bayonet to Screw-In Converter B22 to E27

$10.00 (Including GST)

3.  LED P.I.R Sensor Tubes

4.  Doplar Tubes

5.  Solar L.E.D House/Office Numbers

$36.00 (Including GST)

6.  L.E.D Radar Oyster Light

$95.00 (Including GST)


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